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At DCGG we believe that diversity drives inclusion, and talent is the bedrock and fuel of diversity.
Diversity goals cannot be achieved without first winning the talent game. Then, and only then, are organizations and leaders positioned for a Right to Win. This is why DC Global Group would be your preferred partner.


At DC Global Group we believe success should feel like success and not a façade. Which is why we create tailored solutions for clients at all stages of their inclusive journey.Our straight-forward and transformative approach will provide access to tools and support that are designed to help you achieve not just diverse teams, but the inclusive wins that you desire.
We provide a sense of community for those who are climbing to reach the mark; and are yet in need of that extra support from people who know the struggles of the journey first hand. Whether you’re looking for support with navigating the rugged terrains of corporate culture, or with identifying
and pursuing your purpose; you can believe in
DC Global Group as your partner in unlocking your  most powerful potential.
We provide customized trainings, workshops and keynotes. Whether it's 90-minutes with your C-Suite team, three days for high potential leaders, or an  afternoon elevating your Employee Resource Groups. We design solutions and forums that will cultivate inclusiveness and authenticity as core business drivers and brand standards.

who we are

DC Global Group is a firm dedicated to helping companies and leaders unlock their hidden power. We’re an incubating firm that partners with companies and aspirational executives, enabling them to win together…moving organizations from a diversity strategy to sustainable inclusive wins. And, moving leadership potential to undeniable senior leadership talent in any organization.


We are gladiators who shatter the masks of doubt and disbelief. We uncover the hidden leadership potential in any individual or organization. We transform empty rhetoric into authentic narratives that all seniority levels can embrace and exude.


To impact and empower over 500,000,000 leaders unlocking and uncovering their hidden potential and purpose. Creating
a standard of corporate culture that authentically embraces diverse and inclusive leadership.


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Deirdra Copeland is a dynamic and thought-provoking leader, coach, and speaker. With more than 16 years of leadership experience under her belt, she has established a proven track record of success for leading teams and igniting change. Deirdra’s “Brand” as an effective professional has been shaped by her unique ability to cultivate leaders, to generate growth, and to disrupt the status quo.

Deirdra has spent most of her career leading multi-site teams and networks within the financial sector for companies such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citizens Bank, and BMO Financial Group to name a few. She’s had the privilege of delivering success in such key roles as Area President, Small Business Market President, and Vice President of Inclusion. 


Today, Deirdra has the distinct pleasure of fulfilling her purpose by transforming cultures, careers, and lives as DC Global Groups' Principal, and Chief Strategist.


With an ardent need to serve and help shape tomorrow's leaders, Deirdra also dedicates her time to a number of key Boards and Executive Committees. These share the purpose of driving inclusion and empowering underserved girls, women, and communities.


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